TRENDnet Creates Mobile Hotspot From Older 3G USB WWAN Modems

There comes a point in the life of every laptop computer where an Internet connection becomes a necessity. It's all grown up. It's no longer just a viable option; it's a requirement. And TRENDnet is helping notebooks everywhere "get their grown-man on," with the shipment of the ultra portable 3G Mobile Wireless N Router, model TEW-656BRG. This device shares a single Internet connection from a compatible Sprint, AT&T, Verizon or other USB 3G / 3.75G USB modem with multiple users.

The TEW-656BRG is one of the lightest and smallest 3G routers available; so small that it can slip into any laptop bag unnoticed. It has no battery, and can be powered directly from a laptop's USB port, eliminating the often frustrating search for an electrical outlet while on the go (it also comes with an electrical adapter). The device also features a built in hanging hook, allowing users to neatly hang the TEW-656BRG on the back of a laptop screen while working. There's no installation required; simply plug the 3G / 3.75G modem into the router to share an Internet connection with multiple users.

You'll need to provide the 3G plan, but if you'd rather not invest in a MiFi device (and just keep using the 3G dongle you've already paid for), this is an excellent alternative solution. It's shipping now for $99.99; definitely cheaper than a MiFi, but we certainly wish it were a bit cheaper in order to make the split-decision a bit easier.