Trash To Treasure: Modder Makes A Mac Pro-Like Hackintosh Out Of A Trashcan

When Apple unveiled its latest Mac Pro design at its WWDC last summer, the jokes wrote themselves. Shaped like a trashcan, some wondered if it was some sort of representation of the computer being "piece of junk". And I admit, with its open-topped design, I've pictured myself accidentally throwing a crumpled-up piece of paper into it forgetting it was a computer.

Well, while it might look like a trashcan, I think Apple has proven that the reason for it is sound. The internal design, to me, is quite brilliant, even if it results in less overall flexibility compared to what we'd get from a normal computer. Nonetheless, the design has inspired one German modder to replicate what Apple has designed, and the result is without question the coolest and most humorous Hackintosh I've ever seen.

The real Mac Pro has a very unique interior design, one that's not possible at this time for an end-user or modder to replicate without some serious resources behind them. As such, the internal design of this Hackintosh doesn't feature a central heatsink which some components adhere to. Instead, a small enough motherboard was chosen (a GIGABYTE Z87N Wi-Fi) to fit within a standard off-the-shelf trashcan that happens to look a lot like the general design of the Mac Pro.

A low-profile CPU cooler was used to help make this all possible, while standard DRAM was used as well. Because the modder wanted everything to be internal, one shot shows that the power supply - broken-down, of course - sits atop the motherboard once situated into the machine (which seems awful for cooling).

At the bottom of the machine is a large 140mm fan that sucks air upwards, and another identical fan is used at the top to exhaust that warm air more efficiently. With two fans, that's one more than the real Mac Pro, but given the design of this particular build, an extra fan is no doubt required.

The end result, seen above, is rather impressive. The same bottom heatsink design that the Mac Pro has is here, and of course, an Apple logo is also present on the front. Further, mesh has been used to finish things up. We can't help but wonder what Apple itself would think!