Trapped Chilean Miners Supplied with PSPs

With the possibility that they might have to spend 120 more days underground since being discovered a week ago Sunday, how do you keep 33 Chilean miners sane? Psychological stress will weigh heavy on them, besides all the physical aspects of the entrapment. One answer: PSPs.

Indeed, PlayStation Portables have been sent down to the miners, in the cups they receive daily packed with rations. Of course, one has to wonder how they are going to keep those things charged.

Hopefully they can snake down some power cables, and hey, while they're at it, how about a cable to allow Internet access? In that small area, a wireless router would work fine if it was cabled to broadband. Indeed, they'd then have to send down some laptops or iPads, but hey, these guys need a diversion.

The mine first caved in on August 5th. After 17 days, the men were found as rescuers used hit-and-miss methodology to bore holes down to their level. They were finally rewarded with success when a note was attached to one of the drills.
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