LG Set To Unveil Sliding Doors Using Futuristic Transparent OLED Displays

hero Transparent OLED Automatic Door 02
Advertisements are everywhere, such as along the highway, on the radio, or even on the very page you are looking at right now. However, it looks as though modern advertising may move a step closer towards Minority Report with a new development hailing from South Korea. LG Electronics has now signed a memorandum of understanding with ASSA ABLOY to develop transparent OLED automatic doors (TOADs?). You read that right; this is a door that doubles as a transparent display.

According to LG, the TOADs are an “innovative, first-of-its-kind customer experience solution” for several uses. They claim that companies can use it for “greeting customers, communicating with employees, and delivering advertising and marketing content unobtrusively to consumers.” There is definitely some interesting technology behind this system.
mall Transparent OLED Automatic Door 01 scaled
Inside the display is LG’s WRGB technology, which has “self-lighting OLED pixels” for great colors, high brightness, and high contrast. Moreover, as mentioned, these are transparent displays, so you should be able to see what is on the other side at all times, making them suitable for doors. There will also be a “robust design featuring tempered glass,” for when people ultimately run into it as they would with other glass doors. The only added benefit (or downside, depending) is that people will start walking into ads around stores thinking they are doors now.

When all is said and done, according to Christopher Norbye, executive vice president at ASSA ABLOY, the goal is giving “customers this ground-breaking product” with LG. The tech will put those customers “in the forefront, providing them with a fantastic new solution when it comes to customizing brand and customer experiences.” Hopefully, we will find out more about these brands and customer experiences next week when the door is officially unveiled.