Touchy Feely Display Technology

Don't just see your virtual world, but feel it?  As the saying goes truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, or science-fiction as the case may be.  However, just as Buck Rogers debuted the laser gun in silver screen days of old and the Jetsons gave us the picture phone, scientists are turning yet another far-fetched idea seemingly into reality.

"The prototype Tangible 3D system combines a 3D display with a "haptic glove". The display creates lifelike images appear in just in front of a flat screen. It creates the illusion of depth by showing slightly different images to each of the viewer's eyes. This means no special glasses are needed.

Attached to the display is a haptic glove. Once inside, a user's hand is touched by numerous force-feedback components to make it feel as if it interacting with something solid."

Have Scotty beam you down to the local Wal-Mart and see if they're stocking these yet.