Tostitos’ Breathalyzer Bag Will Tell You If You Should Call An Uber After The Big Game On Super Bowl Sunday

If you've been drinking, it's not outside the realm of possibility to believe that you might gain a hankering for some Tostitos. Apparently, the company understands this demographic well, as it decided to integrate a breathalyzer into a special edition bag of chips that aims to tell those who might think about driving home after watching the Super Bowl to shelve the idea. The only downside is that this special edition bag was only sent out to media and other VIPs, and is not intended for a commercial release.

Tostitos bag

With a sensor placed in the bag, alcohol detected on your breath will light up a steering wheel graphic, as well as the words "Don't Drink And Drive". Bonus: an Uber code will be provided to help the drunk ones among us get home conveniently and safe. 

Is this advertising brilliance, or a bizarre idea that should have never left the boardroom? It could be argued, that if you need to rely on a chip bag to tell you whether or not you should drive, you should assuredly not drive. Right?

The breathalyzer bag was developed as part of an elaborate advertising campaign, which is interesting as Tostitos is not going to be splurging on actual Super Bowl advertising. This in essence is at least a clever marketing tactic, because Tostitos avoided paying the incredible fees for advertising during the big game, and people are still talking about it long before the game even takes place.Or you could think of it as a thin ploy. 

Regardless, it's sometimes interesting when marketing folk decide to think outside the bag. This one at least got a few eyeballs on it.