Toshiba's 640GB 2.5" Hard Drive Is Industry's Largest

Time keeps on ticking, and hard drives keep on growing. With desktop HDDs already sitting at 2TB and the solid state arena growing larger members each month, it only makes sense to see a new benchmark set for the world of 2.5" notebook drives. Toshiba has today introduced what it's calling the industry's largest 2.5" laptop hard drive, and with a capacity of 640GB, we can't really argue.

Previously, most notebook hard drives topped out at 500GB, but Toshiba's MK6465GSX adds another 140GB to the pile. The drive spins at just 5400RPMs, meaning that those looking for the fastest transfer rates should probably look elsewhere and snap up a smaller 7200RPM drive or an SSD (if you've got the cash to spare). With an areal density of 817.9Mbit/mm2, (528.5 Gbit/in2), the new series includes 640GB, 500GB, 320GB, 250GB and 160GB models, and Toshiba also included a free-fall sensor option to help protect the drive should the host system be dropped.

Also, the company is issuing the flagship 640GB drive in its colorful external storage line. The USB-powered drive ships in Liquid Blue, Vivid White, Rocket Red and Komodo Green, and it should be available now for $180. As for the 640GB drive itself, Toshiba has yet to pinpoint an asking price but should be shipping it to OEMs shortly. In other words, we'd expect a 640GB HDD option on Dell, HP, Acer and Asus notebooks before the holidays.