Toshiba Trumpets Core i7 Notebook for 3D Lovers

You hear that noise? That's the sound of the 3D bandwagon headed in your direction, and everyone's jumping on. That includes Toshiba, which has made available its first 3D laptop, the Satellite A665-3DV. Sure, the name is a little boring, especially since Toshiba is blazing a new trail for themselves, but the hardware inside is bit more exciting, starting with the Core i7 740QM processor.

In addition to one of Intel's latest and greatest mobile chips, the A664-3DV also comes equipped with a 15.6-inch LED backlit display. Other specs include 4GB of DDR3 memory, Nvidia GeForce GTS 350M graphics, a 640GB hard drive, Blu-ray drive, webcam, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, backlit keyboard, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

3D chores are handled in large part with Nvidia's 3D Vision kit, which consists of a pair of 3D glasses, USB controller/IR emitter, USB 2.0 cable, and recharge cable. Overall, not a terrible feature-set, though not without a pricing premium. At $1,600 (with free shipping), you can buy significantly more notebook if you're not into the whole 3D thing.