Toshiba Trashes Its Netbook Roadmap, Wants to Navigate Ultrabooks Instead

Slowly but surely, the writing is on the wall that netbooks aren't long for this world, and Toshiba is one of a growing number holding the marker. Netbooks are being shoved aside in favor of Ultrabooks, which are arguably just as portable, if not more so in some cases, but offer far better performance and, more importantly to manufacturers, higher profit margins.

Sure, you can still buy netbooks, and there are even a few new models on the horizon. But it's not like before where seemingly every day was met with a new netbook announcement. Not only are netbook announcements few and far between, but some manufactures are getting out altogether, including Toshiba, which is abandoning the once popular segment in the U.S.

Toshiba reportedly is giving up on netbooks and focusing on Ultrabooks, like the Portégé Z835-P330 we reviewed earlier this year.

"A Toshiba executive just confirmed to me that Toshiba America has no plans to offer any new netbooks in the U.S.," writes.

That means Toshiba isn't likely to launch its NB510 on U.S. shores. Instead, Toshiba will focus on Ultrabooks and other thin and light machines. Toshiba isn't the only one. Both Dell and Lenovo have stopped making netbooks, and there haven't been any new models from Samsung or Sony so far in 2012.