Toshiba Tops Off Storage Portfolio with New 3.5-inch Hard Drive Models

Solid state drives (SSDs) are the sexy storage options these days, but those trusty (and affordable) mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs) are still relevant and garnering attention from hardware companies. Enter Toshiba, which today announced the broadening of its HDD portfolio with new models featuring 2TB and 3TB capacities.

Toshiba's new DT01ACA Desktop series of 3.5-inch SATA drives spin at 7200 RPM and are targeted at all-in-one (AIO) gaming PCs, home servers, external applications, and consumer electronic (CE) products such as set-top boxes and digital video recorders, Toshiba says. In other words, there's something for everyone.

Toshiba Hard Drive

Sounds all well and good, but with SSD prices coming down and Ultrabooks taking over, is the market potential still there for traditional hard drives?

"Over two hundred million computer systems and consumer electronics devices will ship in 2012 equipped with a 3.5-inch desktop-class HDD," said John Rydning, research vice president for hard disk drives at IDC, according to Toshiba. "With a broader 3.5-inch desktop HDD product lineup, Toshiba will be poised to address a larger piece of the overall storage device market."

Toshiba's new 2TB and 3TB drives will begin shipping this month. MSRPs have not yet been announced.