Toshiba To Showcase SDHC Memory Card With TransferJet At CES 2013

As far as promising wireless technologies go, few have rivaled Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. But honestly, TransferJet has the potential to. It's a sophisticated communications platform with all of the right bells and whistles, but it has yet to gain the kind of mainstream attention and adoption necessary to make it a household name. But at CES 2013, Toshiba is hoping to do its part in changing that. The company has announced that it will showcase a reference display of an SDHC memory card with TransferJet -- described as "close proximity wireless transfer technology" -- at the show.

The SDHC memory card on reference display will be a product under development, integrating a TransferJet transceiver IC, a coupler, an RF filter, peripheral passive parts, an SD bridge connection circuit, and Toshiba's NAND flash memory. Data transfer by TransferJet communications will be implemented in devices supporting SDHC memory cards, such as digital cameras and PCs, by inserting this card in the card slots.

It's unclear if the demo will lead to a commercial product from Toshiba, but we suspect it wouldn't waste its effort showcasing such a thing if it weren't hoping to garner attention from other companies in the area, and eventually ship something to end users. Cameras, camcorders and storage products across the map could certainly take advantage, but we suspect we'll have to hang tight to see what the plans are beyond next month's CES.