Toshiba Takes 2.5" AL13SE Hard Drives To Enterprise Users

Can enterprise and 2.5" HDDs live in the same sentence? Sure they can, and Toshiba's newest unit is proof. The company has just introduced a new laptop-friendly, enterprise-grade storage solution offering some pretty wild stats. For starters, it'll ship in sizes up to 900MB, supporting the 6Gb/s SAS Interface and spin at 10,500RPM. Yeah, speedy. The AL13SE drives are built for reliability, and aim to cater to users who can't manage drive failures with a simple "Oh, well."

Toshiba claims that these will withstand "mission-critical" pressures, with a 25% increase in power-on hour reliability from prior generation units. The AL13SE series is also available mounted in a 3.5" bracket for legacy severs. No pricing information is available just yet, but the full spec run-down is below.

AL13SEB900 AL13SEB600 AL13SEB450 AL13SEB300
Capacity 900GB 600GB 450GB 300GB

Average seek time: Read (typ.) 3.7ms
Write (typ.) 4.1ms
Interface SAS 2.0
Interface speed 6 Gb/s
Rotation speed 10,500 RPM
Buffer memory 64 MB
External dimensions (W)x(D)x(H) 69.85mm(2.75")x100.45mm(3.95")x 15.00mm(0.59")
Weight 240 g. or less
Power Consumption: Idle (ready) 4.7 watts (max)
Idle (low rotational speed) 2.7 watts (max)
Acoustic (Ready) 30 dB
Vibration: Operating 9.8 m/s2 (1.0G) 20 to 300 Hz
Non-operating 49 m/s2 (5.0G) 20 to 300 Hz
Shock: Operating 980 m/s2 (100G) 1ms
Non-operating 3,920 m/s2 (400G) 2ms