Toshiba Slims Down to Less than an Inch

At Taiwan's Computex expo, Toshiba took the wraps off its Dynabook SS RX1, which they assert is one of the slimmest complete notebooks ever. The notebook includes an ultra-slim DVD RW optical drive whose internal organs have been trimmed down, but without compromising strength. At its thinnest, it stands at just 0.77 inches (1.96 cm for those of us who use the metric system).
"The company also notes that the use of a 64GB solid-state hard drive option -- also a first for notebooks -- brings the weight down to as little as 1.86 pounds with every feature intact."

The 12-inch widescreen further represents a breakthrough by using a transreflective LCD whose backlight can be switched off outdoors to use natural light and extend battery life to as long as 12.5 hours."
In North America, it will be released as the Portege R500, which will come in two models. The basic $1,999 model will house a 1.2 GHz super-efficient Core 2 Duo, 1GB of RAM, a 120GB conventional hard disk drive, and 802.11 WiFi support via Windows XP Professional. The $2,149 model will feature Windows Vista Business instead. As expected, Japan will get first dibs on these systems. The Dynabook SS RX1 will ship on June 22nd, whereas the Portege R500 will be released in July in North America.
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