Toshiba Reveals Polarizing Filter 3D TVs

These days, there are pretty much only two kinds of 3D TVs on the market: active ones, and passive ones. But Toshiba is breaking out another word with their latest set from Japan: polarizing. The Regza ZP2 is the company's latest, and will ship in 32" and 26" screen sizes. They're expected to retail for between 130,000 and 150,000 yen, and there's no clear indication of when they'll make the jump to America.

These sets are the first from the company to use polarizing filters to display 3D images; in this setup, "images for the right and left eyes are displayed on an LCD panel equipped with a polarizing filter, and the images are viewed with polarized glasses." Currently, only LG is also making a bit deal about this method. In general, these types of 3D TVs can emit images that are brighter and have less flickering, and the weight of the glasses is also reduced.

The only real downside is that the pixel counts of 3D TVs using a polarizing filter decrease by half in the vertical direction, but with screen sizes that small, Toshiba doesn't seem to think this will cause too much issue in real-world experiences.
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