Toshiba Reveals 55" 4K x 2K HDTV, Supports Glasses-Free 3D

A few years ago, television makers seemed to have no trouble whatsoever convincing people that they needed to update their SD sets to sets that boasted 1080p. And recently, they've been trying to do the same with 3D sets. But it seems that even those may be outclassed sooner rather than later. Toshiba has recently showcased a new high-def TV, and it's one of the most intense units we've seen in the consumer space. It's a 55" beast with a native resolution that makes 1080p sets wince.

The set has a wildly dense 4K x 2K resolution, which is the same resolution as found on many high-end cinema projectors. It's difficult to even find content filmed at such a high resolution, but there's nothing wrong with being prepared for the future. It's scheduled to ship in December in Europe for around 8000 Euros, and it'll also come to Japan with slightly different specifications by March 2012. On top of all that, it'll be capable of displaying 3D content. Without glasses.

There's also a Face Tracking feature, which should assist users who choose to video chat in insanely high resolution. 4K x 2K TVs as early as next year? So much for staying one step ahead of the curve -- your set is already out of touch!