Toshiba Keeps Backup Simple with Canvio Basics Portable Hard Drive

Toshiba says it's targeting the "everyday consumer" with its new Canvio Basics portable hard drive line, but really it's going after anyone who simply needs additional portable storage without added extras like backup software, encryption, and other features that add to the bottom line. Just plug it in and start transferring files.

"With the Canvio Basics line, we wanted to bring an effortless digital storage solution to the masses," said Manuel Camarena, product manager for consumer storage at Toshiba Storage Device Division. "This new drive offers a sleek solution with plenty of storage capacity for the growing amount of digital content, from photos and videos to music and documents. The Canvio Basics is a convenient and versatile choice for anyone who needs the peace of mind that comes with high capacity portable external storage."

On the portability front, the Canvio Basic comes with soft, rounded edges so you can jam it in your pocket without worrying about it snagging your external parts, it doesn't weigh a whole lot, and it sports an internal shock sensor and three year warranty. This really is as basic as it gets, and the pricing isn't terrible either. Available in three capacities, Toshiba's charging $80 for the 320GB, $100 for 500GB, and $120 for 750GB.