Toshiba Jumps on the Tablet Bandwagon

Yes folks, it's another day, which means there's another tablet announcement to add to the avalanche of slates we've been promised since Apple's iPad proved a market exists for these types of devices. This latest one comes from Toshiba's European operations, which this week officially introduced their upcoming Folio 100 tablet.

Like so many other slates in the pipeline, the Folio 100 is a 10.1-inch device that will come built around the Android 2.2 platform, otherwise known as Froyo. Toshiba says they're targeting people "looking for a 100 percent portable and versatile device," which we thought was pretty much the whole point of a tablet in the first place.

So what do the specs look like?
  • Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU
  • Capacitive multi-touch display with 1024x600 pixels
  • 16GB onboard storage
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • WLAN
  • 1x HDMI mini, 1x USB 2.0, SD/MMC Card Reader
  • Native Adobe Flash 10.1 support
  • Accelerometer
  • 1.3MP Webcam
  • Battery Life: 7 hours (65 percent Web browser, 10 percent video playback, 25 percent standby)
  • Weight: 760g
  • Size: 281mm x 181mm x 14mm
That's not a bad feature-set, though noticeably missing is any mention of a rear-facing camera for snapping pics on the go. Otherwise, Toshiba might have a winner on its hands.

Look for the Folio 100 to ship in the fourth quarter of 2010 throughout Europe, Middle East, and Africa. No word on when Toshiba plans to ship this one stateside.