Toshiba delays HD DVD, again

Toshiba USA has said it will be delaying the launch of the first HD DVD players until April - a month later than planned. The official reason given is that it wants to synchronise the debut of the HD-A1 and HD-XA1 players with the release of a number of movie titles.

At January's Consumer Electronics Show Toshiba said it would launch HD DVD in March. The new machines, to be priced at $500 and $800 respectively, will be much cheaper than the $1,000 starting price for the rival Blu-Ray format. Originally, the HD DVD format was due to be launched in the fourth quarter of last year. Toshiba is not giving a precise date for the launch of the HD DVD players. On 18 April, however, Time Warner's Warner Home Video unit will release the first three titles using the HD DVD format, including Million Dollar Baby and The Last Samurai, with another seventeen or so released over the following weeks.