Toshiba Debuts World's First Notebook To Play Back 3D Blu-ray Films

And the 3D bandwagon continues to grow. First it was the 3D cinema, and next came 3D HDTVs. Now we've got 3D PCs, and 3D Blu-ray movies are on the way. But what if those last two could be combined? Oh, wait, they have been. Toshiba's Japanese branch has just announced the first notebook to have the capabilities to play back 3D Blu-ray films in 3D, and we suspect that the Dynabook TX/98MBL will be just the first of many, many to come.

The 15.6" machine has a 1366x768 resolution display (a 3D display, of course), and there's support for NVIDIA's 3D Vision. The GPU is a GeForce GTS 350M, and there is 4GB of standard RAM along with 1GB of video RAM. The CPU is a Core i7-740QM, and there will be a 640GB hard drive, Dolby audio and bundled mouse, keyboard and 3D glasses.

The price is rather high at around $2700, but it's rare that anything in the "world's first" category actually sells for cheap out of the gate. So, does any of this interest you? We'd be inclined to be more excited if the resolution were cranked up somewhat; what good is 1080p 3D playback with such a low-res display?
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