Toshiba Announces REGZA 3D HDTVs With 2D-To-3D Conversion

3D. It's impossible to avoid these days, and we get the feeling that those who try will be facing an uphill battle. Now that the format has cemented itself in the cinema, there's only one more major place to invade: your living room.

Almost every major TV maker has already either announced 3D HDTVs or plans to ship 3D HDTVs in the future, but thus far, Toshiba has remained on the outside. Now, the tables are turning. Reportedly, Toshiba will release 3D REGZA LCD TVs this summer, and unlike some of the others, there will be a special aspect to these. It's called 2D-3D conversion, and it will supposedly be used to transform typical 2D content into 3D content. We doubt it will look nearly as good as native 3D content, but a bit of added depth never hurt anyone.

Also, Toshiba will use the Cell Broadband Engine microprocessor, which will likely enable it to handle much more than just television. Web connectivity, apps, 2D-3D conversion, etc.--all of that could likely happen at the same time with a Cell in there. Currently, the TVs are expected to ship in the second half of this year, but pricing has not yet been announced, nor have exact screen sizes.
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