Toshiba and Blu-ray Still Don't Mix

A sore loser?  Perhaps.  Despite lsoing the high-definition optical disc war to Blu-ray and Sony, Toshiba says it has no plans to market a Blu-ray player.

Despite its exit from the next-generation DVD race, the one-time champion of HD DVD is not giving up on the promise of high definition on optical disc. Rather, it seems to be working to improve standard DVDs.

Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida has said that his company has no plans to market optical disc players compatible with Blu-ray, according to a citation that appeared last week in Japan's Daily Yomiuri.

Instead, it now appears Toshiba will look to bring to market players that include new firmware that would include codecs or other processes capable of upconverting the images to high-definition quality. This player would arrive in retail channels by the end of the year.

Honestly, it makes no sense that Toshiba wouldn't consider a high-definition player, though it is true that many consumers still say that plain old DVD is just fine for them.
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