Toshiba Adds Dual-Core Cell Processor To Z2 HDTVs

HDTV evolutions have slowed somewhat. A few years ago, during the transition from CRT to LCD, there was a period of crazy rapid innovation, but now, it seems like every major TV maker is just waiting for the next big thing. 3D is definitely gaining steam, but that doesn't require too much retooling, particularly with active sets where the glasses do all of the work.

But this could mark the beginning of a new era. Toshiba has just unveiled their 2011 HDTV lineup, and it's highlighted by 3D, LED and connectivity. But it's the processing power that's really unique. These TVs are dual-core, making them some of the most potent in the industry. The Z2 lineup uses a dual-core CEVO (Cell Evolution) Engine, and that power is put to use by upconverting content and displaying 3D material.

The company is also introducing the TL515 series, which marks their first entry into the passive 3D realm. These feature 1080p panels, local dimming and built-in Wi-Fi, and for once, your TV will do the hard work with 3D while letting your eyes take a breather. We greatly prefer the headache-free passive experience, so it's great to see Toshiba taking a chance here and going against the 'active' grain.

Do you really need a dual-core television? Probably not, but the potential implications for having this much horsepower in a TV is huge. Connected apps could get a lot more interactive, and there may end up being models with HTPCs tucked inside. Not bad for those stuck in a small studio's hoping those dreams come true.

Toshiba Unveils 2011 HDTV Lineup Highlighted by 3D, LED and Connected TV Models

New TVs Incorporate Sleek Ultra-thin Designs, New Screen Sizes and Connectivity Options; Cinema Series Features All-new Quantum BLACK Panel with Fine Local Dimming

LAS VEGAS, CES 2011, LVCC Central Hall Booth #11026–Jan. 6, 2011– Toshiba's Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced its most diverse lineup of televisions and digital video products. From vivid LCDs, to stunning LEDs and cutting-edge 3D TVs, plus TV/DVD combos in sizes and prices that fit any room or budget, Toshiba has something for everyone.

2011 Toshiba Flat Panel TV Lineup

3D TVs

* TL515 Series – Toshiba's first Natural 3D – also known as Passive 3D – HDTVs, the TL515 Series are ideal for families and gamers looking for a great 3D experience and a low total cost of ownership. With an ultra-slim design, the TVs feature 1080p CineSpeed Plus LED panels with Local Dimming and 240Hz ClearScan technology as well as Net TV with Yahoo! Widgets and built-in Wi-Fi. The TL515 Series will be available in 32-, 42-, 47-, 55- and 65-inch diagonal screen sizes, starting in March 2011.

* UL610 Cinema Series – For the ultimate, uncompromising 3D experience, UL610 Cinema Series 3DTVs feature Toshiba's new Metal Blade Design with Illusion Stand, Dynamic 3D, an all-new 1080p resolution Quantum BLACK Panel with Fine Local Dimming and Crystal Coat, 480Hz ClearScan technology, built-in Wi-Fi, Net TV with Yahoo! Widgets and a built-in sub-woofer speaker. The UL610 Cinema Series will be available in 46-, 55- and 65-inch diagonal screen sizes, reaching new levels of design and quality for the consumer that just can't settle for anything but the best. Most models will be available in April 2011.


* SL410 Series – Toshiba's entry-level LED TVs make the visual quality of LED more attainable, the SL410 Series feature 60Hz LED Panels with DynaLight™ technology, ultra-thin profiles and will be available in 720p 19- and 32-inch diagonal screen sizes and a new 1080p resolution 24-inch diagonal screen size that is perfect for the kitchen, starting in March 2011.

* SLV411 Series – For those looking to cut down the clutter in their entertainment systems, the SLV411 Series of LED/DVD Combo TVs are ideal. The TVs feature a built-in sleek slot-loading DVD Player and 60Hz LED Panels with DynaLight™ technology. The SLV411 Series will be available in 720p resolution 19- and 32-inch diagonal screen sizes and a new 1080p resolution 24-inch diagonal screen size, starting in February 2011.

* SL415 Series – The new "Streaming Combo TV," the SL415 Series features everything consumers need to get instant access to their favorite online content and social networking sites. Featuring built-in Wi-Fi and Net TV with Yahoo! Widgets, the SL415 include 60Hz LED panels with DynaLight™ technology and will be available with a 720p resolution 32-inch diagonal display and a new 1080p resolution 24-inch diagonal display, starting in the first quarter of 2011.

* SL412 Series – For those looking to step up to an affordable big screen LED TV from a standard CCFL model, the SL412 Series features a 1080p resolution CineSpeed LED Panel with DynaLight™ and ClearFrame 120Hz technology on 46-inch and larger screen sizes. The SL412 Series will be available in 40-, 46-, and 55-inch diagonal screen sizes, starting in March 2011.

* SL417 Series – Perfect for the consumer that wants a fully connected TV experience on a big screen LED TV, the SL417 Series boasts Toshiba's ultra-thin Blade Design, a 1080p resolution CineSpeed LED Panel with DynaLight™ and ClearFrame 120Hz technology. Featuring built-in Wi-Fi and NetTV with Yahoo! Widgets, the SL417 Series will be available in 42-, 46- and 55-inch diagonal screen sizes, starting in February 2011.


* C110, E210 and G310 – Toshiba will offer three CCFL Series TVs: the C110 featuring a 60Hz 720p resolution 32-inch diagonal display, the E210 featuring a 60Hz 1080p resolution 40-inch diagonal CineSpeed LCD display, and the G310 with 46- and 1080p resolution 55-inch diagonal CineSpeed LCD displays and 120Hz ClearFrame technology.

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