Toshiba 14TB MG07ACA Is The World's First 9-Disk Helium-Sealed Hard Drive

Back in September we heard rumors floating around that "very soon" Toshiba would be launching a massive 14TB storage solution for desktop computers. Fast-forward three months and the new Toshiba MG07ACA series HDD has landed and is heralded as the world's first 9-disk helium-sealed design. The drive brings 14TB of conventional magnetic recording (CMR) storage capacity and spins at 7,200 rpm.

toshiba HDD

Since the drive uses an industry standard 3.5-inch form factor, it will easily integrate into existing cloud-scale storage infrastructures, servers, and storage arrays. This might be the ideal HDD for computer enthusiasts with lots of digital content and games they need to store.

Toshiba writes, "The massive 14TB and 12TB model capacity is delivered using proven CMR/PRM recording technologies providing optimum compatibility and data reliability.  Equipped with SATA 6.0 Gbit/s interface, the MG07ACA models integrate easily into standard 3.5-inch SATA drive bays to help reduce the footprint and operational burden of cloud-scale storage infrastructure, and business critical servers and storage systems."

The MG07ACA series HDD uses precision laser welding tech to seal the helium inside the 9-disk mechanics of the HDD for the life of the drive. That helium helps the drive to reduce aerodynamic drag allowing it to deliver a lower operational profile that non-helium filled designs. For users not needing the full 14TB capacity, the MG07ACA series HDDs also comes in a 12TB form factor. 

Toshiba says that it is currently shipping samples of the MG07ACA series to customers.