Toothless Petition To Save iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Reaches 200,000 Signatures

When millions of customers open their wallets to buy the next generation iPhone, they may have to pull out a little more cash than they anticipated. Unverified reports that Apple is planning to remove the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of Lightning audio have been picking up steam online. If the rumor proves true, it would seem that iPhone customers might need to buy new headphones (or adapters).

Unsurprisingly, that’s rubbing some iPhone users the wrong way, and a petition has been launched online. Sum Of Us, an organization that bills itself as “Fighting for people over profits,” started the petition early this week. Initially, the group had a goal of 210,000 signatures, but the issue has struck a nerve with the public and the petition already has more than 217,000 signatures on record.

iphone sum of us petition

Is it binding? Not in the slightest. But as a representation of public disapproval, it’s hard to imagine that it won’t at least be seen by some at Apple. The petition bemoans the cost of buying new headphones and points out that it could lead to headphones getting tossed in large quantities, which would mean more waste. 

Apple doesn’t discuss the specs of its products prior to launch, so the petition could well be a waste of time, but it’s easy to see why people are up in arms over even the idea that Apple would ditch the headphone jack. After all, Apple has a bit of a track record in this area, having changed power connector ports in the past. That move resulted in millions of iPhone users with legacy chargers and cables that didn’t work with their new iPhones.