Too Much Adhesive Makes Samsung Galaxy Alpha Difficult To Repair

Samsung took a page from Apple's design portfolio when it released the Galaxy Alpha, a handset that looks like a stretched out version of the iPhone 5s, complete with metal construction. Yes, the front and back are still made of plastic, but the metal frame gives the handset a premium look and feel that's not necessarily found on other Galaxy devices. Unfortunately for DIY repair types, this new design to the Galaxy line doesn't make the device any easier to tear into than, say, the Galaxy S5.

We'll start with the good news. The folks at iFixIt confirmed that it's still super easy to access the battery -- just pop the rear cover off and swap out the battery as needed. There are no tools required for either task. Incidentally, you'll also discover the absence of a rubber o-ring like the one that's embedded in the rear cover of the Galaxy S5. That means you'll want to be careful around liquids -- the Galaxy Alpha doesn't sport the same water resistant characteristics as the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Battery

Once you get past the battery, things become exponentially more difficult. Just as with the Galaxy S5, Samsung's midframe sandwich design consisting of two halves of an internal frame surrounding the motherboard under a display panel lid is again found on the Galaxy Alpha.

"This sandwich and display-first-entry design stuck around. Even though the midframe screws are no longer hidden under the display, as in the S5, the procedure remains the same: difficult," iFixIt says.

Lots of heat and patience are needed to soften up the adhesive on the front panel just so you can wedge an opening. The teardown team says that even though it looks relatively easy in pictures, it took them around 30 minutes to heat and pry around the edges.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Teardown

When all was said and done, the Galaxy Alpha earned a Repairabilty Score of 5 out 10, same as the Galaxy S5. The copious use of glue worked against Samsung in this case, and it also lost points for having to remove the display in order to replace anything other than the battery.