Tony Hawk: RIDE Coming To States In November For $120

Tony Hawk: RIDE, a game that made all sorts of waves when it debuted earlier this year at the E3 Expo in California, has finally notched a date with destiny: November 17, 2009. That's the date in which Activision's next must-have Nintendo Wii title will hit stores, and that means you'll be shoving yet another motion-sensing periperal in your closet.

This time it'll be the lifelike Tony Hawk skateboard, which will allow owners to "pull off tricks, such as grinds and ollies, by stepping on a motion-sensing controller that resembles a skateboard, without wheels." The entire game is designed to be controlled by the board, with the accessory boasting not one, but two two tilt-sensing accelerometers along with a trio of infrared sensors along the along the edges for picking up hand grabs and foot tricks.

In a move designed to ensure gamers get the best experience (and spend the most dough), Activision will only ship the title in bundle form, meaning that you'll be forced to pay $119.99 in order to get the game and skateboard. We have all ideas that both will be sold separately in due time, but considering that the launch date is so close to Christmas, we're betting that most parents just give in and snag the two-piece set. Wiimotes, sporting equipment, musical instruments and now skateboards--what in the world could possibly come next?