Tons of FX-55, 4000+ & NF4 News, and More

Good afternoon brothers and sisters! There's a whirlwind of news today, thanks to the release of the Athlon 64 FX-55, Athlon 64 4000 and NVIDIA nForce 4.  We have our own articles posted here and here, but many of our compadres were busy as well.  Here's a list of links, along with some other news that should keep you busy for a while...

 Athlon 64 FX-55 & Athlon 64 4000 Articles:
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PC Perspective
AMD Zone

 NVIDIA nForce 4 Pre/Reviews:
Tech Report
Hardware Analysis
PC Perspective
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 Cleaning up power with additional cooling @ OCModShop:

"Along with a series of capacitors, mosfets convert the available voltages from the power supply into the power required to run components on the board. Because of their role in controlling power, mosfets with inadequate cooling can lead to power fluctuations across the motherboard and produce stability problems. While some manufacturers have handled power regulation more effectively than others, adding a little extra cooling on these components can reduce voltage fluctuation and improve system stability on most motherboards."

 OCZ PC2-5400 Performance Series DDR2 Review @ ClubOC:

"DDR2 is finally here.  I've been excited about this memory ever since it was first announced.  It's great to get excited about new hardware.  The only thing that's bad about new hardware is the fact that you know you're going to have to upgrade to it.  In this case it's a little worse.  There are currently no AMD platforms that except DDR2 and the only Intel DDR2 platform requires a LGA775 CPU and a PCI-E video card.  Your upgrade to DDR2 is going to require a major commitment.  However, this is the future of memory and you know you want the newest and fastest components."

 Lidatek Laser Echo LE-30 @ DesignTechnica:

"The Lidatek Laser Echo LE-30 does one thing and it does it well. It will detect laser guns and give you enough time to check your speed and slow down while it does its counter measures. The LE-30 is completely ineffective against radar guns simply because it does not attempt to scan them. So if you want the best coverage available, it might be a good idea to pair the LE-30 up with a good radar detector like the Escort series or Valentine One."

That's going to have to do it for now, folks!  Check back soon though, a little bird tells me there's even more news on the me on this one...

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