GOAT Quarterback Tom Brady Makes Epic Appearance In Intel 360 Replay Super Bowl LI Commercial

Tom Brady

Not only is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady the greatest of all time (GOAT) at his position—and no, that is not up for debate—he might also have a future in acting. We're not finished watching him pick apart opponents just yet, though the four-time Super Bowl champion did find time in his busy schedule to team up with Intel to create a 30-second ad spot showcasing the company's 360 Replay technology.

If you're a sports fan, you may have seen this technology before, especially in basketball games. You certainly will if you tune into Super Bowl LI. The magic of presenting 360-degree replays requires a combination of multiple cameras—38 in all at Super Bowl LI in Houston—and advanced computing. Using the captured data, broadcasters can pause and show replays from multiple angles. Each clip is about 15-30 seconds long and takes up around 1TB of disk space.

While you may have seen this technology before, for the first time, Intel will enable viewers to experience the game from the player's point of view during Super Bowl LI. A hint of what is to come can be seen in Intel's new and hilarious ad spot featuring Tom Brady.

"We are building the foundation to take sports and technology to new heights with solutions that will allow fans to experience the game like never before, all in a personalized way," said James Carwana, general manager, Intel Sports Group. "Intel’s technology in the biggest football game of the year is one example of how we are driving a new wave of powerful technologies that will transform sports for athletes, teams, fans, coaches and even broadcasters."

The new experience rolling out in Super Bowl LI is called "Be the Player," and just like it sounds it will use Intel's 360 Replay technology freeze moments in time and present the field of play from the player's perspective. Football fans will have an opportunity to see what it is like being a quarterback in a high-pressure situation on the biggest stage. It might also give fans a newfound appreciation for the split-second decisions players such as Tom Brady make when opposing rushers out for blood blitz and break through the offensive line.

Tom Brady Cats

Intel is also working with Tom Brady to create a 360 user-generated video. There is a special website you can visit to participate (be warned there is a lot of flashing colors when first visiting the site), with the best creations being aggregated in a gallery. The challenge kicks off on Sunday, February 5.