TN Voter Data Lost

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: keeping sensitive data on a laptop is bad enough, but keeping it in an unencrypted laptop is nigh unforgivable. Yet organizations continue to place large amounts of unencrypted personal information on thief-friendly laptops.

Today's example comes from Tennessee of all places:.

“County officials say that thieves broke into Davidson County Election Commission offices on the weekend before Christmas, smashing a window with a rock and then making off with a $3,000 router, a digital camera and a pair of Dell Latitude laptops containing names and Social Security numbers of all 337,000 registered voters in the county.”

New legislation requires that the organization handling the sensitive data is responsible for providing free credit monitoring for any affected person who requests it. At about $10 a person, and with request rates near 25%, it's estimated that the overall cost of this loss will be nearly $1,000,000.