T-Mobile Wisely Chops Price of GarminFone

It's a dog-eat-dog world in the mobile phone space, and had T-Mobile remained staunch in trying to sell the GarminFone to its customers for $200, it would have been quickly gobbled up by Samsung's Galaxy S (known as the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile) when it's released later this week. Not playing the part of the blissfully unaware wireless carrier, T-Mobile has gone and slashed $70 off the GarminFone, which will make it a lot easier to move.

While the $200 price point might have worked a week ago, Samsung's Galaxy S / Vibrant is one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones right now, and it too will sell for $200 with the activation of a 2-year service agreement.

Then again, maybe the $200 price point wasn't working regardless of what's on the horizon. There have been reports that the GarminFone wasn't exactly flying off of store shelves, having only sold around 20,000 units. Combined with the ho-hum spec sheet -- 600MHz processor, 3.5-inch screen, 3MP camera, 2GB microSD card, Android 1.6 -- and not a lot of marketing, it's not terribly surprising that more subscribers aren't clamoring for the GarminFone.