T-Mobile USA Ships Samsung's Galaxy S 4G: $199.99 On Contract

T-Mobile USA customers have been waiting for months on end for a "4G" (with "4G" meaning HSPA+ here) version of the Galaxy S, and now they have it. This week, Samsung's Galaxy S 4G has gone on sale at T-Mobile, making it one of what feels like a million variants of this very phone. Samsung has sold well over 10 million of these worldwide, and they've been pretty smart with the marketing. Different versions for different carriers means a lot more sales, and if you're loyal to T-Mobile, they may be clocking in one extra sale.

The phone's available now for $199.99 with a 2-year contract, but here's the real question: are you holding out for something better now that Gingerbread's rolling out to the Nexus S and Honeycomb can't be far behind?