T-Mobile USA Launches Trade-In Program

T-Mobile USA has done a fantastic job convincing the world that HSPA+ really is 4G, and now, they're willing to pay you to test out their claims. The company just launched a trade-in program for used handsets, enabling customers to save on new device purchases so long as they toss an old one in T-Mob's direction. Of course, all trade-in programs generally are a bad deal, but they're just so darn convenient.

Through the Trade-In program, customers can offset the cost of a new phone purchase by up to $300 with the trade in of their old device. Even devices from other wireless carriers are eligible as long as they meet the minimum criteria, i.e., being fully functional, having an intact and working display, and being free of liquid damage or corrosion. If you're interested in taking advantage, you can head to any company store; you'll get a voucher, shipping label and bubble pack mailer and simply ship the old phone to TWS at their convenience.

Customers have the ability to check the estimated value of their device before going to a T-Mobile retail store and learning more about the T-Mobile Trade-In program at http://www.mytradeins.com, and we'd obviously encourage you to check that out before heading in blind.