T-Mobile to Offer Tethering Plan One Week from Today

Word on the Web is that starting November 3, 2010, T-Mobile will roll out a tether and Wi-Fi sharing option to its subscribers for $15 per month. For those who pony up the cash, they'll be able to use their smartphones as a tethering device or Wi-Fi hotspot, something that just about anyone with a rooted smartphone can already do for free.

There are some requirements to be aware of, including:
  • Customers must have a 3G or HSPA+ compatible device to utilize the Tethering/Wi-Fi sharing feature
  • Customers must have an Unlimited Web feature with an MRC of $19.95 or higher
  • Customers must add the $14.99 Tethering/Wi-Fi add-on feature
  • This is a separate feature and in addition to the Unlimited Web feature
  • Available for postpaid and FlexPay customers. Note: FlexPay customers will need to change their Unlimited Web feature in order for the new tethering add-on feature to work
Alternately, you can kick your smartphone warranty to the curb and risk bricking the device by rooting it and installing unsupported (by T-Mobile) third-party ROMs. Most ROMs support free tethering, either integrated into the firmware or via an app download. XDA's forums are a great place to start.