T-Mobile To Offer HTC Touch Pro2

The HTC Touch Pro2 is set to arrive in the U.S. on August 12. T-Mobile will carry the new HTC smartphone, which has a WVGA (480 x 800) touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and voice capabilities. The Touch Pro2 will run on T-Mobile’s 3G network and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g).

The Touch Pro2 has a 3.6-inch color display that slides back and tilts up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. The handset also comes equipped with a Web browser, location-based services and built-in GPS, and a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus for photos and video.

Like many mobile operating systems today, the Touch Pro2 will feature a single contact view that displays conversation history with an individual regardless of whether voice, text, or email was used. This view is made possible by the Touch Pro2’s customized version of Windows Mobile 6.1. HTC has also incorporated some handy features that show an understanding for how people use devices. For example, if you place the Touch Pro2 face down on a table during a call, the phone will automatically turn on the speakerphone.

"The HTC Touch Pro2 offers the most powerful productivity experience available on a mobile phone, while also delivering unparalleled elegance in both its exterior and user-interface design," said Jason Mackenzie, vice president of HTC America. "HTC and T-Mobile have a history of introducing groundbreaking products, and this collaboration continues with the debut of this highly anticipated device to the U.S. market."

The HTC Touch Pro2 also features Straight Talk technology, which is an integrated email, voice, and speakerphone experience that lets you respond to email via a call. Straight Talk also lets you organize conference calls from a group email, taking advantage of the Touch Pro2's speakers and noise suppression technology.