T-Mobile Launches Dash 3G WinMo Smartphone

With Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 hitting the Web today and the new iPhone 3G S landing in stores this Friday, we can't think of a worse possible week to launch a smartphone. That said, T-Mobile USA has defied logic by introducing the newest Dash handset. If you'll recall, the original Dash was launched way back in 2006, making this one seriously ripe for an upgrade.

After finally flipping the switch on its 3G network not too long ago, the HTC-designed T-Mobile Dash 3G obviously takes advantage of those faster data speeds and clearer voice channels. There's also 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi for when Internet hotspots are nearby, and while Windows Mobile 6.5 is just about the bend, this one ships with the dated Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. Available in a a glossy-black finish with red accents, the phone features a QWERTY keyboard, trackball and an otherwise unassuming design. Amazingly, this is T-Mobile USA's first-ever 3G-enabled WinMo device, though we highly doubt it'll be the last.It's set to hit shelves next month for an undisclosed price.