T-Mobile Intros 10GB Data Plan with No Overage Fees

Why T-Mobile isn't on top of a mountain shouting at the top of its lungs, we don't know, but the company should be. What for? Well, T-Mobile just launched its new 10GB Web Access + Unlimited T-Mobile HotSpot plan, which in and of itself doesn't sound like anything special. But here's the kicker -- there aren't any overage fees, even if you go over your 10GB monthly allotment! How's that again?

Okay, if we must...

There's a catch, of course, but it's really more of a compromise. Should you go over your 10GB limit, T-Mobile won't cut you off or hit you with additional charges that could lead up to bill shock. Instead, the wireless carrier will throttle back your connection until your next billing cycle begins. Naturally we'd prefer unlimited, unfettered access, but if there's going to be a cap, we think this is the best way of going about it.

The plan runs $85/month and is available now.