T-Mobile G1 Is No Longer For Sale: An Android Legend Passes On

It's the end of an era, but honestly, it's not an end that we're going to be tearing up about. T-Mobile's G1 has just left the building, which is somewhat sad to hardcore Android lovers, but it's a great sign of forward progress for everyone else. The HTC-built G1 is largely remembered as the world's first Android phone, and the design at the time was something of a novelty. Today, hundreds of Android phones exist, but none were as old, sluggish and limited as the G1.

At the time of its birth, the G1 was a huge hit, and it meant that the iPhone finally had some decent competition. But the G1 was limited by a 528MHz processor and a 480x320 resolution display, not to mention the tiny amount of internal storage. But the G1 started a revolution that has eventually led to the Nexus One, DROID Incredible, HTC EVO 4G and DROID X.

As of today, the G1 doesn't appear to be available for sale as a new unit from any of the usual suspects, including T-Mobile USA and Amazon. But be sure to take a moment and thank the now-dead G1 for what it did for the smartphone industry.