T-Mobile Extends Network, iPhones Get Better Service

T-Mobile has enhanced its network in 10 new metro areas which include Miami; Phoenix; San Francisco; Mesa and Tucson, Ariz.; Modesto, Oakland, San Jose and Stockton, Calif.; and Fort Lauderdale, Fla. With the technology advancements in these areas, customers will get better voice and data coverage along with faster speeds on unlocked devices such as the iPhone.

These 10 new areas are getting T-Mobile's faster HSPA+ network which uses the 1900MHz band. Since the iPhone is compatible with 1900MHz, it will be able to take advantage of faster speeds in these markets. However, in areas where T-Mobile doesn't offer HSPA+, unlocked devices that are compatible only with the 1900MHz band such as the iPhone will be stuck on the much slower 2G Edge network.

According to T-Mobile, internal tests of an unlocked iPhone 4S running on T-Mobile's 1900MHz 4G HSPA+ network recorded 70% faster average download speeds than iPhone 4S devices on AT&T’s network.  

With the addition of these markets, T-Mobile's 1900MHz 4G HSPA+ network is now available in 15 metro areas. The wireless carrier expects to launch additional major metro areas by the end of the year.