T-Mobile Clarifies Free 200MB Tablet Data Deal: It's As Good As It Seems

Earlier this month, T-Mobile drastically shook up the wireless market yet again. In the latest of its almost-too-good-to-be-true moves in a bid to become known as the Uncarrier, the company announced that it would be giving tablet users 200MB of free data per month for life. During the initial start-up process, however, a number of to-be customers were dinged for activations, and questions began to arise. In atypical fashion, T-Mobile has issued a detailed statement that clearly lays out what went wrong, and what you can expect going forward.

Bottom line? "Anybody who wants to use a tablet on T-Mobile's 4G LTE network gets 200MB free data for as long as you own the device, whether you pay for it up front or you choose to finance it. You can buy a tablet from us, or bring your own device. Either way, you will get 200MB free data for the time you own the device and use it on our network." Not too shabby, huh?

New customers can buy their tablet outright from T-Mobile, the device maker or a third party retailer and automatically get 200MB of free data through T-Mobile. You'll have to pay $10 for a SIM card if you don't already own one, but beyond that, there truly aren't any strings attached. It's just another way to get more people to test the T-Mobile waters, and once they're onboard, it's easier to keep 'em hooked.

For once, a business plan that'll benefit the company (by boosting subscriber count) and consumers (by handing out free data). Nice one, T-Mobile.
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