T-Mobile CEO Denies Allegations Of Bogus Billing, Blames Other ‘Fraudsters’ Involved

We aren't entirely surprised that most CEOs aren't as outspoken as T-Mobile's CEO, but the more John Legere speaks, the more we wish that he'd give lessons in whatever spare time he has. Facing a media blitz regarding bill cramming -- a practice whereby major carriers shoved "Premium SMS" services into bills from 2009 to 2013 -- Legere has come out in defense of his company.

In a raw, unfiltered post on T-Mobile's site, the CEO straight up admits that politics are rubbish at times, and he explains what exactly went on, and is going on, in regard to cramming. Essentially, he admits that the T-Mobile that existed prior to his onboarding participated with the other carriers in offering Premium SMS services. But, once T-Mobile found "fraudsters" in that bunch, it "terminated them" ultimately decided to stop the practice altogether in November of 2013.

Legere also points out that these were never a major revenue stream for the carrier, and most of those third-party operators are now out of business entirely. To boot, T-Mobile started the Proactive Refund Program on June 10th to refund anyone who was duped into spending money on these services in the past.

What's odd about this entire situation is that only T-Mobile is being targeted. The truth is that every major U.S. carrier was involved with these third-party services at some point -- something tells us the other three are quietly hoping that the storm blows over before anyone else realizes that.