T-Mobile Reportedly Shipping Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ To Customers Well Before Official Launch

If you've been eagerly anticipating the release of Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, we've got some good news for you. Apparently, a shipment of Samsung's new top-end devices are going to ship early, courtesy of T-Mobile. Outside of actually shelling out the cash for a new high-end phone, the worst part of a pre-order is waiting for your new device to arrive. Someone at T-Mobile seems to understand that and the company jumped the gun with initial shipments.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

According to reports from some customers, T-Mobile has begun shipping out S8 and S8+ units five days ahead of April 19, which was the day all pre-orders were originally expected to be shipped out. Even that day would have been two full days ahead of retail availability, so by starting to ship out the devices today, T-Mobile is effectively beating the street date by an entire week.

We doubt anyone who pre-ordered an S8 or S8+ will be complaining, though. In fact, future S8 owners are sure to be pleased at the fact that T-Mobile's pre-order bonus also includes a Gear VR headset, its controller, as well as some free Oculus content.

TMobile Early S8 Shipment

If mobile VR doesn't excite you, then hopefully you pre-ordered your device straight from Samsung. As we reported earlier, those who pre-ordered through Samsung have been receiving a cool standalone speaker that doubles as a dock. Ultimately, either of these two gifts are useful in their own right -- and they're a lot better than getting something basic like a bumper case for free.

While T-Mobile customers have reason to be excited with these early shipments, T-Mobile itself is also riding high after its successful auction win for a huge slice of the 600MHz wireless spectrum. If you've ever been unhappy with the state of T-Mobile's wireless connectivity overall, this move will, in time, help bolster their network and coverage considerably.