Tivo on Comcast Delayed Again

The good thing about this is our contract with DirecTV does not end for months.  This delay means we might still be able to sign up for a roll-out, if it ever happens --- and if it ever happens in our area.

Comcast's seemingly never-ending delays in getting TiVo service to its customers continued Tuesday, as the company admitted it was behind schedule in rolling out service to customers.

Since the announcement that the two companies had partnered to offer DVR software to Comcast subscribers in March 2005, the release date has been repeatedly delayed. Often, little if any reason was given for the delays, although TiVo assured investors the service was on its way.

Although rumors have surfaced of Tivo again reconnecting with DirecTV since Murdoch's News Corp. has dropped out of the way, that has not happened.  Tivo needs this roll-out far more than Comcast does, ASAP.
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