Titan Robela Watercooling Case, HIS Radeon X800 GT IceQ II

Hey folks, here's your early afternoon update. If your looking for someone(or something) that loves ROI talk, and dimly lit data centers, check out Sun Microsystem's new advertising campaign. While it may seem strange to some, we at HotHardware fully understand the twisted thoughts that come from hours without sleep while staring at a computer.

Sun Fire X4100 (PDF File)


Seagate Momentus 5400.2 2.5" 120Gb Hard Drive @ Club Overclocker

"Now with the Momentus 5400.2, Seagate brings the high performance of SATA to your laptop. Momentus is the industry's first notebook hard drive to combine a high-performance 5,400-rpm spindle speed with the low battery-consumption of a traditional 4200-rpm notebook hard drive, so customers no longer have to choose between performance and mobility."

Titan Robela Watercooling Case @ Overclockers Online

"With the Robela, I was torn to come up with a final statement. The water cooling abilities of the Robela are decent but certainly not impressive. If I was running a system that was not overclocked and looking for a case that would run almost silently, then the Robela would be a very good choice."

DSLRs - The Inside Scoop @ Dan's Data

"I got me a Canon EOS-20D to review - long after everybody else had reviewed it. So I decided to cover all of the stuff that regular camera reviewers assume you already know. Including all of the reasons why a digital SLR might be absolutely the wrong camera for you, no matter how rich you are."

Aerocool Masstige Mid-Tower Case Review @ Legit Reviews

"The Aerocool Masstige proved that it can deliver. The price, storage capacity, features, and performance are all on par with what we expected. If you need lots of space with out spending lots of green, then by all means test drive the Aerocool Masstige."

HIS Radeon X800 GT IceQ II @ Hardware Secrets

"Radeon X800 GT is the latest graphics chip released by ATI and it is targeted to the mid-range market, i.e. for people that can't afford a high-end video card but can't play with a low-end one. Usuall..."

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