Tiny Withings Pulse Syncs Lifestyle Data with Your Smartphone

How many steps did you take yesterday? How much sleep did you get last night, and was it good, helpful sleep? And what’s your heart rate? Pick up Withing’s latest gadget, and the answer to all of those questions will be in your pocket – and on your smartphone or tablet. The Pulse arrived today to round out Withing’s collection of health-centered wireless devices.

The Withings Pulse activity monitor, which tracks your heart rate, steps, sleep, distance travelled, and elevation.

The Pulse joins a growing number of activity trackers. The Fitbit has been tracking steps and sleep for years, and the BodyMedia Fit, Motorola MotoActv and Nike+ FuelBand have been around for some time, too. Withings needs to differentiate the Pulse with better features and more convenient data syncing. Wireless syncing is Withings’ strong suit, as it’s been putting out wireless scales, baby monitors, and even blood pressure devices for years. The Pulse syncs wirelessly with your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and also sends the data to Withings’ website. The Pulse captures data that you would expect it to, including steps, calories, and sleep habits, but it throws in some more novel data, including elevation, traveled distance, and heart rate.

Will you be picking up a Pulse, or do prefer a monitor already on the market?