Tinder Bans Puppy Love, Makes Popular App Forbidden For Users Under 18

Teenagers will have to find their prom dates elsewhere. Tinder is discontinuing use of the app for everyone under the age of eighteen starting next week. The company hopes that tighter specifications and enforcement of the new policy will help keep teenagers safe.


Tinder has allowed anyone over the age of thirteen to use their app since their launch in 2012. Anyone between the ages of thirteen and seventeen was only allowed to be matched with others in the age pool. The age change will supposedly impact less than 3% of its global user base.

Users sign-up through Tinder using their Facebook account and in many countries, thirteen is considered the “age of consent” for the internet. This means that people over the age of thirteen are regarded as old enough to give away their data. Facebook allows users to change their age a limited number of times and does not verify a person's identity when they first sign-up. Although Facebook users must also be over the age of thirteen, many children of course lie about their age.

Tinder Vice President Rosette Pambakian stated, “We’ve been reviewing this policy since early this year and believe it’s the right thing to do. A number of factors go into making a decision like this, but we’re confident we landed on the right policy.”


Last week Tinder stated that its was working on becoming more accessible for transgender users. Unlike Facebook, Tinder only has options for male and female. Almost a year ago a transgender user named Solomon was banned after matching with a male user who reported her for being transgender. The company is working with GLAAD and activist Andrea James to ensure that the update considers all the nuances involved.

Tinder has not stated how they will implement their planned age and gender updates.
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