Time Warner Cable Looking To Bring “Gigasphere” Internet To L.A. In 2016

The evolution to gigabit Internet speeds continues with the news that Time Warner Cable will be trying to bring what it calls the “Gigasphere” to L.A. in 2016. The city is soliciting requests for information (RFIs) for gigabit-level Internet service, and TWC is in the mix.

“Over the last four years, Time Warner Cable has invested more than $1.5 billion to enhance our infrastructure and services in Los Angeles,” said executive VP and chief strategy Peter Stern in a press release. “This significant investment coupled with new ‘Gigasphere’ technology positions us to be able to introduce gigabit-per-second speeds in 2016.”

Hollwood Boulevard in L.A. (Credit: Diliff/Wikipedia Commons)

He also stated that TWC’s existing network gives it an edge over the competition in terms of the speed of a rollout and associated disruptions.

This Gigasphere technology would dovetail nicely with Time Warner Cable’s other efforts in L.A., which it says includes a 300Mbps “TWC Maxx” service, free public WiFi hotspots, and an all-digital network conversion.

There are multiple companies around the country working to push out gigabit service to various communities, with Google leading the way for now with its Google Fiber service. Time Warner Cable is wise to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later on its own gigabit service, especially if it can keep costs for end users down (and keep customers happier than they are now).

And indeed, it will have competition; AT&T and Cox have both announced plans to bring gigabit service to L.A.