Tim Cook Finishes Second as Time's Person of the Year

There's absolutely no shame in finishing second, especially when you're going up against the President of the United States. To wit, Time Magazine named Tim Cook the runner-up to its Person of the Year, giving the ultimate prize to President Barack Obama.

According to Time, Cook is the first CEO of Apple to come to power "without blood on his hands." Prior to his stepping into Steve Jobs' former role, a CEO would be named when somebody got fired, Cook explained to Time. Cook, however, was handpicked by Jobs to replace him, and it appears Apple is in good hands moving forward.

Tim Cook

Since Cook took over, Apple has grown into the largest company ever and is worth than Google and Microsoft combined. He's also overseen the launch of the iPhone 5 and, perhaps more notably, the iPad mini, Apple's first iPad tablet to compete in the 7-inch category. Even though it's slightly larger than 7 inches, Steve Jobs would have considered the iPad mini a tweener device, a distinction he wasn't particularly fond of.

"I think there’s some obvious differences [between Steve Jobs and myself],” Cook told Time, giving a chuckle at the understatement. "The way we conduct ourselves is very different. I decided from negative time zero — a long time before he talked to me about his decision to pass the CEO title — that I was going to be my own self. That’s the only person that I could do a good job with being."

Cook was promoted to CEO of Apple in August, 2011, shortly before Jobs passed away.
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