Threads App Gets A Follow Tab, Faster Loading And More In First Major Update

hero threads landing page
Meta's answer to Twitter has received its first major update that includes a follow tab on the activity page, faster loading, and more. However, if you are on an Android device you will have to wait a bit longer before seeing the update, as it is only available on iOS at the moment.

When Meta launched its Threads social media app recently, it saw an enormous influx of people signing up to try out the Twitter competitor. While the numbers of people signing up were impressive, the number of people actively using the app began to decline shortly after launch. One of the main reasons that the app saw a decline in active users was due to not having the option to only view the accounts a person follows. Instead, it followed in the same footsteps of its sibling Instagram, with a barrage of posts from random accounts. While the update is a step forward toward a followers-only feed, right now all it does is give a way of seeing users who recently followed.

Meta employee Cameron Roth, who says he helps "make the iOS @threadsapp great," on his Threads page, posted about the update yesterday. In the post, Roth points to new features such as translations, a follows tab on the activity feed, as well as numerous other updates to the app for iOS users (see post below).

camroth tweet about threads update

The translation feature allows users who follow people who speak a different language to easily translate what they post. The update also includes the ability to subscribe to unfollowed users in order to receive notifications without causing more clutter to your timeline, and a few interface-related updates. At the end of the day, the updates should equate to the app running smoother and with faster load times.

Even with the new additions to the app, there are still some features missing that users have been asking for. Those include a timeline that is in chronological order, access to direct messaging, the use of hashtags, or the ability to remove your Threads account without also deleting your Instagram account. And of course, the addition of a tab that gives users the ability to view only those they follow.

At the moment there is no word on when these changes will be seen on Android devices. Hopefully, however, it will come soon, along with a dedicated feed to those a user follows, and perhaps access to Threads via a web browser. One can hope at least.

**Update 7/20/2023 4:15pm EST- The updates, including the Follows Tab on the Activity list has been sent out to the Threads beta app. Not sure at this time if the update was sent to all Android devices or not.