This Old French House Ain't Finished

Not long ago, if you wanted to document that a photo was taken at certain time and place, you'd place or hold that day's local newspaper in the picture. But with today's photo manipulation software, nothing in a digital photo can be trusted much anymore. Now a French company, CodaSystem France SA, has demonstrated a system for the verification of of photographic information about the time and place a photograph was shot. And it all started because a contractor didn't show up to fix CodaSystem's founder's house, and he wanted to prove it.

Shoot & Proof is intended for use on cell phones, said Frederic Vanholder, managing director, and it is running on about 600 handsets, thanks partly to $5 million in venture capital raised last year.

The angry CodaSystem founder, who has since left the company, figured that if he photographed the part of his home that needed the work that wasn't done — and he convinced authorities the image was authentic — then he would be able to get back what he paid for the work.

Shoot & Proof shows where a photo was shot (if the phone is equipped with global positioning software), as well as when and on whose device.

A retailer client of CodaSystem uses Shoot & Proof to ensure manufacturers that their wares are being displayed as promised. A security company uses it to record break-ins and reassure insurance companies they aren't being bilked.

5 million for 600 handsets? Sounds like Apple should make them.

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