This Is Why They Call It “Black Friday”

In a show of the very best of humanity, a Black Friday scene at a California Walmart devolved from ordinary sale-mongering to physical altercation to pepper spray attack.

According to the L.A. Times, a shopper hell-bent on acquiring some deeply discounted merchandise let loose with pepper spray, which wafted throughout the store, stinging the eyes and throats of holiday shoppers throughout. One eyewitness reported seeing about eight customers that apparently bore the brunt of the pepper spray being attended to at the front of the store.

(In the pepper sprayer’s defense, he or she may have been in the process of being mauled by one or more shoppers. We don’t know, because he or she was never identified or apprehended.)

The pepper spray capped off a series of unfortunate events. According to witnesses the Times interviewed, shoppers tore down a video game display minutes after they were allowed to access it and then overran employees trying to keep them from trampling the merchandise. There was also a shoving-and-shouting match among those in line for Xboxes and Wii consoles. One customer noted that every aisle was full, which had to have violated some kind of fire code.

The above begs the question: haven’t these folks heard of Cyber Monday?

Happy Black Friday, everyone!
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